2024 Dakota Walleye Classic Rules & Regulations


1. Your patience during launching and weigh-in is greatly appreciated.
2. Number of fish per team: Keep 10 fish/day; weigh 5 fish/ day.

A) All persons 18 years of age or older are eligible to enter. Anglers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
B) Each contestant must possess a valid North Dakota fishing license.
C) Each contestant will be required to have a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approved personal floatation device (PFD). PFD’s must be worn when launching and running. Failure to do so may be grounds for disqualification.
D) Dakota Walleye Classic reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual, including those who have been barred from any other tournament for disqualification.
E) All contestants are required to observe all USCG and ND Game and Fish Department current rules and regulations.

A) If a team member drops out before the tournament, his/her partner may choose a replacement with notification
to tournament officials by the Rules Meeting held on
Thursday, July 25th.
B) If entire team drops out, the place will be filled by the Dakota Walleye Classic Chairman, not by the choice of the team, and the entry fee will be returned ONLY if notice is given by June 30th .
C) Applications are taken on a first come first serve basis. Tournament slots are only filled with a completed registration form and payment.
D) No exceptions will be made for changes.

A) Only walleye, sauger and saugeye; 15 inches or longer will be accepted. Decisions on length made by the weigh- in officials are FINAL.
B) Only those fish caught on a hook and line in formal and usual manner will be accepted.
C) Each contestant will be allowed TWO (2) lines in the water at a time.
D) All legal artificial lures and or legal live bait as outlined by ND Game and Fish are allowed. No live aquatic organisms may be imported into the state. Electronic and electrical luring or attracting devices are prohibited.
E) Any altered or mangled fish will be weighed at the discretion of the weigh-in officials. Their decision is final. A team may not replace a disqualified fish.
F) Contestants will conduct themselves as true sportsmen and sportswomen at all times.
G) No boat may touch another boat or pass an item to another boat during tournament hours.
H) A contestant MUST NOT leave his/her boat any time during the tournament.
I) No electronic communication devices may be used during tournament hours except for communicating with tournament officials and emergencies.
J) Any contestant determined to be cheating will be disqualified and banned for life from the tournament.

A) All boats will be required to meet USCG safety standards.
B) All will be required to have a functioning marine band radio or a cell phone to contact tournament officials.
C) All boats will be required to have a current state registration in accordance with the regulations of the home state of the contestant owning the boat.
D) Contestants must follow all current ANS regulations; ALL water must be drained from boats including bilges, live wells and motors prior to leaving the water.

A) Contestants may not fish beyond the east or west boundaries during tournament hours.
B) North Shore Boundaries will be The Beacon to the west and the western edge of Douglas Bay. Douglas Bay is NOT included within the boundaries.
C) South Shore Boundaries will be the eastern edge of the mouth of the Little Missouri (marked by a DWC marker) to the western entrance of Isaak Bay. Isaak Bay is NOT included within the boundaries.
D) Contestants going outside boundaries will be disqualified.

A) One scale will be used to weigh in all fish during tournament hours. In the event of a malfunction, an alternate scale will be substituted.
B) Each team will be responsible for their own catch. Under NO circumstances may anyone other than the contestants handle or touch the catch until after it has been turned over to weigh-in officials and or volunteers at the weigh-in area.
C) Any team weighing in more than their maximum allowed per day will have one-half (½) of that days weight deducted from their total.
D) Once fish have been presented to the weigh-in officials at the scale, NO SUBSTITUTIONS will be allowed.
E) Fish brought to the scale will be surrendered to the Dakota Walleye Classic for cleaning. Fish will be returned after cleaning only if requested and the teams follow their fish bag to the cleaning area.
F) One team member must accompany fish to the scale and sign the official weigh slip. Each team will receive a copy of the weigh slip and are responsible for checking the weigh slips accuracy PRIOR to leaving the weigh-in area.
G) An unloading area will be designated in front of the weigh-in area and will be for unloading of fish only. Fish bags must not contain water –drain them before presenting the fish to the weigh-in officials.

A) Competition will begin at 7 am CDT and end at 4 pm CDT Friday and Saturday with Sunday reserved as a storm make- up day. NO TOURNAMENT PRE-FISHING AFTER 4PM THURSDAY, JULY 25TH.
B) Tournament officials retain the right to delay, cancel or restrict tournament waters in case of severe weather.
C) All boats must be inspected and must have their identifying numbers in place before they will be allowed to launch each day.
D) Boats will launch in two flights, boats in the earlier flight will have priority going through inspection and launch. Please allow the early flight to pass you in line to ensure a timely start.
E) Launching and return will be by LAND ONLY at Beulah Bay Recreation Area which will serve as the tournament headquarters. Boats must pass by the check boat upon leaving and returning each day. Flights will depart according to boat number-lowest to highest in the flight. Flights will alternate each day.
F) Teams must be back to the check-in point by their official return time to weigh fish. Any team returning up to 5 minutes late will have one-half (½) their weight deducted from their total. Any team returning more than 5 minutes late will be disqualified for the day. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
G) Stranded or disabled teams contacting tournament officials by 1:00pm CDT can elect to weigh fish. One (1) team member must accompany the fish to shore in a tournament official’s craft. When the tournament official shows up to collect the team member and fish to weigh in, that team must stop fishing for the day.
H) Under no circumstance may a stranded or disabled boat be substituted on the water. At the chairman’s discretion, a properly inspected boat may be substituted at the designated launch point.
I) Boats may be inspected before and during the tournament. Tournament officials will be well marked. Any cheating will result in immediate disqualification.

B) Contestants are required to attend the rules meeting at 6pm. Failure to attend the rules meeting by the start time will result in disqualification.
C) All contestants are required to cooperate with members of the press for interviews and photographs.

A) Prizes will be based on most weight (pounds) during the two days of the tournament.
B) Prizes will be awarded on a team basis. Cash prizes will be mailed no later than one month after the tournament concludes.
C) In the event of a tie, a coin toss will determine the winner.
D) Cash payouts equal 75% of all entry fees collected. 1st place=$16,500 guaranteed; 2nd place=$7,000; 3rd Place=$4,500. Remaining cash prizes are contingent on the number of teams in the field.
E) Payout of cash prizes is based on a 190-team field.

A) All protests must be presented to the tournament chairman within 30 minutes of the close of the fishing day.
B) Any contestants involved in a protest must be on call for three (3) hours following the end of the fishing day.
C) By signing the tournament waiver, contestants agree to submit to a polygraph examination. Challengers will be required to submit a deposit in the amount of $300. Should the complaint prove legitimate, the deposit will be refunded.
D) Any cash prizes or awards will be held pending the outcome of the investigation.
E) Should the investigation prove a violation occurred, the offender will be immediately disqualified.
F) Rulings by tournament officials will be final.


I acknowledge I am VOLUNTARILY participating in this Dakota Walleye Classic event.
I am aware that my participation in this tournament creates risk of personal injury or death. I realize I may experience loss or damage to personal property. I assume all risk of injury, death and loss of personal property which may result from any participation in this fishing tournament.
I expressly recognize the loss of property, injury or death could arise from:
1. The fishing and boating activities involved in the tournament.
2. The fact that competition rules dictate contestants may fish in boats belonging to other contestants in the contest, as well as their own boats.
3. The fact that risk normally encountered in open water fishing from a boat may be enhanced by the existence of competition.
I agree to abide by all tournament rules and that all rules are interpreted to the discretion of the Dakota Walleye Classic Tournament officials. I agree that all Dakota Walleye Classic tournament official’s rulings are final with no right to protest further.

I hereby release and discharge the tournament’s officials, Dakota Walleye Classic committee, tournament sponsors, tournament staff and volunteers from liabilities and injuries, damages or other loss sustained by participant caused by the negligence or strict liability of the release parties.
I have read this release of liability carefully and understand all the terms and conditions.

I sign up voluntarily and without reservation.